Manuel Francisco Murillo Perdomo, aka 13pulsions, was born 29 years ago in Brussels, of an Italian mother and Colombian father. Originally graffiti tagger, he now expresses himself on canvas, clothing, accessories or decorations, mainly through acrylic, spray or pencils. After participating in several exhibitions in Brussels, Paris, Madrid and Milan, 13pulsions currently focuses on his own exhibitions organized throughout Brussels. In addition, more and more brands offer him to work on various projects. Lately he was involved in partnerships with ‘Lee Cooper’, streetwear brand ‘Kitoko Wax’, ‘Victoire’ magazine, ‘Smart’, ‘Absolut Vodka’, ‘Bloom and White’ hotels, ‘Essentielle’ magazine, ‘Iceberg’ candles and much more. 13pulsions is also active in music. His first disc produced by MUSICAST (french label for rap) will come out in Autumn of this year.