Our Endorsers

We like to get the old greats of our sports involved in our production process and to get their advise.

We are very proud to have a couple of the greatest cycling class acts as endorsers: Fons De Wolf, Felice Gimondi, Freddy Maertens and Roger De Vlaeminck.


Felice Gimondi

Felice Gimondi cycling vintage

Felice Gimondi

Felice Gimondi, nicknamed ‘The Phoenix’, is one of the very few riders who managed to win all 3 grand tours. In his 1st pro year he won the Tour de France, unfortunately for him he had to face the cannibale, Eddy Merckx, during nearly whole his career. Eddy Merckx considers Gimondi as his hardest contender.

Felice rode only for 3 teams during his 14year lasting career:

  • 1965-1972 Salvarani 1973-1977 Bianchi Campagnolo 1978-1979 Bianchi Faema He won the Tour de France 1 time: 1965 He won the Giro 3 times: 1967, 1969, 1976 And he won the Vuelta once: 1968
  • He became world champion in 1973 beating Merckx and Maertens in a legendary sprint, and he became 2 times italian champion.
  • In the classics too, he used to perform very well, winning 2 times Giro di Lombardia and once Milan-San Remo and Paris-Roubaix.


Freddy Maertens

Freddy Maertens cycling wielrennen koers

Freddy Maertens

Freddy Maertens, nicknamed ‘Fast Freddy’ is considered by many as the greatest sprinter ever. His eventful career and life has been a hurdle to an even greater career. But his popularity amongst the cycling fans remains unchanged. During his career Freddy rode for several teams (we didn’t take into account the less succesfull years):

  • 1972 Beaulieu-Flandria
  • 1973-1975 Flandria-Carpenter
  • 1976-1978 Flandria-Velda
  • 1979 Flandria-Ça Va Seul
  • 1980 San Giacomo 1981-1982 Boule d’Or

Freddy won 3 times the green jersey in the Tour de France: 1976, 1978, 1981 Freddy won 1 vuelta: 1977 Freddy also won 2 times the world championships (1976, 1981) and once the belgian championships: 1976.


Roger De Vlaeminck

Roger De Vlaeminck Koers Wielrennen

Roger De Vlaeminck

Roger De Vlaeminck nicknamed ‘The Gypsy’ is one of the greatest classic specialists ever. He didn’t like the Tour de France so much, riding for an italian team, he preferred the Giro. His biggest regret is that he never managed to become world champion while being the best classic rider. Roger rode for 7 teams during his career:

  • 1969–1971 Flandria
  • 1972 Dreher
  • 1973–1977 Brooklyn
  • 1978 Sanson
  • 1979 GIS
  • 1980 Boule d’Or-Colnago
  • 1981–1982 DAF Trucks

He won 3 times the ciclamen jersey in the Giro: 1972, 1974, 1975. He also became 2 times belgian champion: 1969, 1981.

But his real field of excellence were the classics, he won 4 times Paris-Roubaix, 3 times Milan-San Remo, 2 times the Giro di Lombardia and once Liege-Bastogne-Liege and Tour of Flanders.