Freddy Maertens Flandria T-shirt

Flandria Freddy Maertens 1976 T-shirt. Tribute T-shirt to Freddy’s victory in 1976 Ostuni World Championships. Flandria adverstising T-shirt as a tribute to Freddy Maertens Wereldkampioen in 1976. T-shirt is made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton blend to provide the old-fashionned soft feel. Free Shipping Worldwide as from 75€.



Freddy Maertens

Freddy Maertens, nicknamed ‘Fast Freddy’ is considered by many as the greatest sprinter ever. His eventful career and life has been a hurdle to an even greater career. But his popularity amongst the cycling fans remains unchanged. During his career Freddy rode for several teams (we didn’t take into account the less succesfull years): 1972 Beaulieu-Flandria 1973-1975 Flandria-Carpenter 1976-1978 Flandria-Velda 1979 Flandria-Ça Va Seul 1980 San Giacomo 1981-1982 Boule d’Or Freddy won 3 times the green jersey in the Tour de France: 1976, 1978, 1981 Freddy won 1 vuelta: 1977 Freddy also won 2 times the world championships (1976, 1981) and once the belgian championships: 1976