Magliamo ‘Strada’ Casual cycling shoe by Ribo

Magliamo “Strada” cycling shoe by Ribó. We are very proud to introduce this new Urban cycling shoe inspired by the classic bike shoes and updated for urban fashion. Made of Brown leather with holes and comes with double lace set: brown and red.  This is a high-quality handcrafted leather cycling shoe made in Barcelona.  Handmade by the master shoemaker Orestes Ribó, with the highest quality leather. They incorporate a tire rubber sole that have real grip and gives it a Mediterranean touch. Latex insole fits your feet and provides extra comfort.

Size 41: Foot length from 26,3 to 26,8 cm

Size 42: Foot length from 26,9 to 27,4 cm

Size 43: Foot length from 27,5 to 28,1 cm

Size 44: Foot length from 28,2 to 28,7 cm

Size 45: Foot length from 28,8 to 29,4 cm

Size 46: Foot length from 29,5 to 29,8 cm