Lombardia Corsa

Lombardia Corsa cycling shoe by Ribó. We are very proud to introduce this classical cycling shoe, handmade by the famous Spanish master shoemaker Orestes Ribó from Barcelona. All greatest Spanish riders such as Bahamontes, Poblet, Julio Jimenez, Lejaretta used to wear Ribó shoes. The Lombardia Corsa shoe is handcrafted with the original design and tools from the 70’s and made with the highest quality brown leather. This Corsa shoe comes with cleats, and 2 pair of laces brown and red. The sole is made from Cuerolite. Cuerolite was chosen as it is renowned for its long lasting rigidity designed for the frequent and demanding cyclist.

Please check out carefully our size guide before ordering.

Shoe sizes are rather normal and are in line with normal casual shoes or sneakers.

No special small size as for modern cycling shoes.